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We had the chance to dine at Oh Ga Ne Korean Food & Grill when we had our class trip in Subic and even before the trip I already decided to eat at a Korean resto no matter what so while strolling around the hotel we saw this place and ate here.

It was a small nice place and the staff were really friendly. There were Koreans eating there so imagine my excitement I felt like I was already in Korea :D (lol the fangirl in me).

 They served the usual Korean dishes and the prices were kinda expensive but I think it’s just right considering the amount of food they’ll serve you. My friends had Bibimbap (Php300) and Kimchi Fried Rice (P140) while I ordered my all-time favoriteSamgyeopsal (P250/order but min. of 2 orders). They served this complimentary soup which was the best spicy soup I have ever tasted . I so loved it I forgot to take a picture of it.”orz

I felt like we were in a Korean drama while cooking the pork by ourselves (yay first time) but then it was out of control (lol oil kept flying everywhere) and we let the waiter help us. 

We really didn’t have enough time to stay and feel the place since we had to back to the hotel asap, but we had a great time and I was really full :D

Happy me in my Donald Duck hoodie with my friends!

till next time, byeom!

much love KR.